November 8, 2019

Joe Avati

Joe Avati

Featuring special guest James Liotta

Tickets – $47.50
When – Friday 8th November
Time – 8.30pm
Where – Bairnsdale RSL – 2 Forge Creek Road, Bairnsdale

Purchase tickets at The Bairnsdale RSL Reception or call 5152 3928

Joe Avati is one of Australia’s top comedy exports sitting just behind Kath and Kim, Chris Lilley and Barry Humphries. He is also the worlds number one selling bilingual comedian.
Joe Avati’s comedy is unique in that he performs both entirely in English or in a mixture of English and Italian. It is the latter that made him famous with Italians all over the world. His success is due to a number of reasons. Firstly its his inimitable style of telling stories and being able to extract from everyday situations a raucous laughter from any attentive audience with his observations.  He has that unique ability to be able to say the things that everyone thinks but that no one articulates in their everyday speak. One of the other reasons he has achieved so much success is that when you see him live in concert you don’t just merely laugh for two hours and go home.
Seeing Joe Avati live is an experience taking you on a journey making you question your own life. At the end of his show you will hear his audiences in the foyer belt out “everything he says is so true” and on the way home they will recount and hence re live their own childhood stories so in essence the Joe Avati experience continues long after the curtain has come down.
He has the ability to make people feel an instant affiliation with him, he makes them feel proud of their heritage and he made being Italian cool again. Many leaders in the worlds large Italian community have credited Joe as helping re-ignite the passion of being Italian. His comedy brings families together where often three generations of one family will sit side by side enjoying his show. This brings us to one other important point about his comedy. Joe works completely clean – free of profanities and avoids any material which may offend.